• Ramsey Dukes Reviews The Epoch

    The Epoch
    The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos
    Peter J Carroll & Matt Kaybryn

    Review by Ramsey Dukes


    Books by Ramsey Dukes (and others, who may or not be) Can get found here>>>

    I was presented with a copy of the Epoch months ago – it had already been delayed many weeks by the South African customs bureaucracy, so I was keen to review it immediately. But this turned out to be very difficult against a backdrop of considerable work pressure plus an accident that has left me handicapped for a couple of months.

    However, the main reason it has been so difficult to review this book is that it throws up so many interesting and stimulating ideas that I kept having to stop, rethink and start again.

    My first reaction on receiving and skimming my copy of The Epoch was: “The Epoch goes beyond magic. It is a Work of

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  • 'Spare World?'

    'Spare World?'

    Spare came into his adulthood at age 18, working with the idea that the planet already stands in hell: he created ‘Earth Inferno’. In February of 1905 he brought his vision to print and to the attention of other Earthly denziens.

    “Yet in despair we begin to see true light. In weakness we can become strong”

    A.O. Spare

    So 110 years on, In celebration of Spare's ‘Earth Inferno’ – Matt Kaybryn & Peter J Carroll present:-

    .........................‘Spare World?’

    An image which celebrates the currents of magic & esoterics that Spare explored, exploded and helped birth. Stood above the mirrored street scene of the Elephant & Castle, as it was then. We also attempt to question the directions that humanity currently explores, like Spare, before us.

    We behold the World of Spare, but no Planet B. And with fracking, pollution & war, to mention just three – do we find ourselves

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  • Occult Psaligraphy - A Viewing

    Occult Psaligraphy

    The Hidden Art of Papercutting
    Hagen VON Tulien
    Ouroborus Press 2014
    Artist Edition


    Occult Psaligraphy

    When an artist pursues their work, they perhaps do so with intent and purpose that might well elude those who later come to interact with their productions: the mystery of their inner world, processed through practice and a journey of discovery, of exploration. The resultant artworks create signposts that perhaps indicate directions, places visited or inhabited, and interactions with the denizens of such environments.

    Occult Psaligraphy presents us with a manifestation of such an intriguing and wondrous journey – of the art and magic of Hagen VON Tulien.

    In exploring technique, the artist may well seek to find expression through form – and so transform some impression or idea into the material world with which they can interact– manifesting internal experience into something tangible; something that offers new possibilities, including sharing them with others.

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  • Alkaos with Ramsey Dukes

    Alkaos - Alchemy of Now! The transformation of everyday Lead into Gold -

    Begins 21st July 2014

    ”They have no magic to intensify the normal, the joy of a child or a healthy person...” Austin O. Spare, The Book of Pleasure .
    Nostalgia can transform a grim past into a Golden Age – but why wait? This course sets out to explore the possibility of what might be the greatest ever act of magic – turning our Present into our Gift.

    This is a once in a lifetime chance to take part in this 12 week exploration; course notes every two weeks allow time for reflection and responses, exploring internal alchemy, and transmuting our experiences with tried and tested techniques. You can look forward to having contributed to one of Ramsey Dukes’ classic books!

    Participants in this course will not only find a wealth of opportunity in the process of transformation, but have the satisfaction
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  • The Epoch - Here Now!

    Ready for the Epoch?

    We are pleased to present the epic & innovative new publication from Peter J Carroll & Matt Kaybryn.


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  • Basic Chaos Magick in Theory & Practice

    Basic Chaos Magick in Theory & Practice

    with Nikki Wyrd - Starting today 2nd April 2014

    This course covers a few of the elementary aspects of traditional Chaos Magick. As such it should prove suitable for those of all levels of experience, although it is aimed at those who have just begun to explore this way of engaging with their lives. We shall explore divination, enchantment, evocation, and invocation. Each area will have some material, posted monthly, which you can address at your own speed. If anyone wants to join in at a later date, or only engage with some of these topics, please do, although the course does build over the months into a complete structure.


    Join Here>>>

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  • Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

    Tue. March. 25, 2014 8PM EST on Para-X-Radio.com

    Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell will interview Peter J. Carroll. That’s Right. Peter J. Carroll. Peter will come on the show to discuss his new book, Epoch, the knights of Chaos, the Arcanorium and Chaos Magic.

    Peter Carroll wrote the seminal classing Liber Null and Psychonaut and spawned an entire movement which had tremendous influence ( whether directly admitted or not) on all of the occult circles in the modern era.

    About Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole...

    Ever wonder just how far the rabbit hole of reality and metaphysics really goes? Join hosts Andrieh Vitimus and Jason Colwell every Monday evening at 8pm EST on http://www.para-x.com as they discuss their experiences and adventures with those of their guests. You never quite know what your going to get as the 2 magi really push the boundaries in their lives and on this bleeding

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  • The Wheel of Wealth - With Dave Lee

    The Wheel of Wealth - With Dave Lee

    The creation of a wealth talisman which has all 8 Colours of Magic within it - Red of Blue, Yellow of Blue and so on.

    The Wheel of Wealth is a circular talisman that incorporates all the aspects of wealth in your life. Each of us makes our own, in the course of a series of workings. It should be something that can rotate, to symbolize the endless cycling of the Work of wealth, the way we can go all the way round the 8 Magics and yet we have to start again and do it all over, because we’ve learned more since we started the first cycle.

    Join us at the college for a master class in magical manifestation!


    Sign up here.....

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  • The Epoch Website Launched....



    We feel very pleased to present the new website for 'The Esotericon & Portals of Chaos'

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  • The Arcanorium College Degree

    Arcanorium College has opened an Awards Department!

    The Arcanorium College Degree, Batchelor of Magic.


    The Arcanorium College Degree of Batchelor of Magic (BM) course provides undergraduates with the following opportunities:

    a) To begin immediate work with practical magical techniques for the achievement of desired results, The College uses the Chaos Magic paradigm which considers the actual practical techniques of magic far more important than any particular cultural symbolism. The magician can adapt these techniques for use with any set of cultural beliefs and assumptions to taste.

    b) To gain some familiarity with a variety of traditional and modern magical theories.

    c) To gain experience in researching and writing about magical topics.

    d) To make some original contributions to the study and practise of magic.

    e) To gain some experience in presenting magical ideas and techniques by teaching.
    The degree course will normally take at least a couple of years

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  • Free Trial


    The Chancellor, Peter J Carroll, BSc, BM, KoC, may grant a free two week trial membership to suitable applicants. Apply by email to pete’at’specularium.org but replace ‘at’ with @.

    Write a note about your interests and intentions, in support of your application. Include the email you wish to use for membership, the user name you wish to use, and a password of 8 characters.

    Arcanorium College conducts its discourse to the highest standards of civility and will delete any trial members who abuse the privilege of membership.

    If you have enjoyed membership at the college previously, or are interested in becoming a member, you can subscribe by clicking the links below...

    Three Month Subscription

    12 Months Subscription


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  • The Epoch - Launch Party

    The Occult Conference 2014 - Organs of the Body of God. Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury, UK on 22nd March 2014


    The Occult Conference team is most pleased to announce that Peter J. Carroll will be attending the Conference, and will be launching his forthcoming work Epoch - The Esotericon and Portals of Chaos .

    The Jupiterian Ball will serve as the launch party for this important work, which has been four years in the making. Peter will be giving the Ball's opening address, to talk through the work which he and Matt Kaybryn have created. Throughout the day, Peter and Matt, his collaborator and artist of the 55 illustrations, will be available to offer and sign the various editions.
    Exclusive Limited Edition Prints will get given away, on a first come, first served basis, to conference attendees who purchase a copy of The Epoch.
    If you would like to be in with a
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  • Magic learning from the best and brightest...

    Each semester 2 adepts from around the globe, lead us on a journey of exploration. Discover over 100 hundred courses on magic. Present and discuss your ideas and experiments with fellow explorers of the art, craft and science of magic.

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Arcanorium College is staffed by Adepts in the Magical Arts, all of whom have distinguished themselves by their publications and their leadership in significant magical orders Read More

Alexander Cummins is an historian, poet, and occultist. He obtained his BA and Masters by Research in History at the University of Leeds, and is currently researching the history of

Read More

Andrieh is a long time magician, sorcerer, as well as a member in good standing of the Illuminates of Thanateros, and a member of the Roots Without End Society. He

Read More

Dave Lee is a chaos magician and writer with an academic background in physical sciences and a fund of bizarre experiences. He has decades of experience researching effective techniques for

Read More

Joshua Madara (aka hyperRitual) is a self-proclaimed "electronic thaumaturge" in Seattle, Washington. He prefers to let his works speak for themselves:

http://hyperritual.com   http://oneirodyne.com

Read More

Julian Vayne has, for many years, worked within the Thelemic and Wiccan traditions. He is now a respected member of the British Section of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates

Read More

Author Jaq D Hawkins, whose magical writings in publication include the Spirits of the Elements Series, Understanding Chaos Magic, Chaos Monkey and most recently, Women of Power: The Woman as

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Lionel Snell, better known by his pen name Ramsey Dukes, is a long time magickal practitioner and magickal philosopher. He is author of seminal texts such as "SSOTBME, an essay

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Peter James Carroll, the Chancellor of Arcanorium College He holds the positions and honours of Past Grandmaster of the IOT Pact, a Science degree, qualifications in education, and company director.

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For lack of an adequate description I call myself a chaos magician. I belong to the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros and I author a chaos magic website,

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  • Alexander Cummins
  • Andrieh Vitimus
  • Dave Lee
  • Joshua Madara
  • Julian Vayne
  • Jaq D Hawkins
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  • Peter J. Carroll
  • The Kite
Arcanorium College

This Arcanorium College website has Staff drawn from Adepts in the Magical Arts from all over the world, all of them have distinguished themselves by their publications and their leadership in significant magical orders.

Each year Arcanorium College has seven semesters of six weeks each, Each semester typically has two Adepts each tutoring a specialist topic and working with members.

Members may attend as many of these working groups as they wish. The range of topics currently embraces Sorcery, Divination, Tantra, Runes, Neurolinguistic Programming, Chaos Magic, Thelema, Enchantment and Results Magic, Alternative Physics, the History and Culture of Magic, and Magical Software Design.

The College also features an extensive Library of Archives and Links,Common Room areas for news, debates, and socialization, and workshop facilities with online magical tools which remain open between semesters.

Membership follows quickly after registration. The College does not accept members under 18 years of age. The College levies a modest registration fee which covers expenses and the cost of maintaining the online facilities and which discourages frivolous applicants. Arcanorium College works not to make a profit, but to provide a forum for the pursuit of The Great Work of Magic.



  • Arcanorium Departments >

    Arcanorium College presents departments facilitated by the best and brightest practitioners. Click to find out more...
  • Chaotopia >

    Welcome to the Department of Chaotopia, Dave Lee's department. Dave has been a main mover in the IOT since the Read More
  • Experimental Metaphysics >

    The Department of Experimental Metaphysics is guided by Lionel Snell, better known by his pen name Ramsey Dukes, author of Read More
  • Gallimaufry >

    The Department of Gallimaufry handles interdisciplinary studies, bits and pieces that don’t fit in elsewhere, and it provides a laboratory

    Read More
  • General Magic >

    In distinction from usual academic practice, this department eschews specialisation. Instead, we explore any aspect of magic which may assist Read More
  • Historical Magic >

    The Department of Historical Magic focuses on studying theories and practices of the occult philosophy and magical activity of the

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  • Internal and External Cross Dimensional Reality Manipulation >

    The Department of Internal and External Cross Dimensional Reality Manipulation ( DIECDRM ) seeks to understand and manipulate the internal universes and

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  • Liminality, Shamanism & Daemonology >

    Department of Liminality, Shamanism & Daemonology is concerned with the induction, exploration and management of altered states of consciousness and Read More
  • Magical Computing and Magical Computer Lab >

    The Department of Magical Computing and Magical Computer Lab explores the confluence of ritual magic and digital media. We take Read More
  • Magical Literature and Arcane Arts >

    The Department of Magical Literature and Arcane Arts explores the power of words and symbols within the areas of arts

    Read More
  • Mundane Magick and Transpersonal Spirituality >

    The Department of Mundane Magick and Transpersonal Spirituality endeavours to bridge the perceived gap between embodied wisdom as lived day Read More
  • Portals of Chaos >

    Visual images can convey ideas and speak to our subconscious often far more effectively and immediately than words. Moveable images

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  • Sorcery and Alternative Science >

    In chaos magic, the actual practical techniques for doing magic assume far more importance than any of the traditional symbolisms Read More
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